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hole in the sand is a platform for quasi-educational, borderline immersive, decidely desert-centric hiking and dining experiences in and around pioneertown, ca


hole in the sand offers a smattering activities that’ll make you feel like “damn, I just did the desert.” From quickie evening plant identification hikes to elaborate multi-coursed wild food dinners, we’ve (she’s*) got you covered. Website is undergoing a major make-over, so pardon the brevity.

*hole in the sand is a one-woman operation, helmed by Sarah Witt.


since January of 2018, hole in the sand has been popping up all over the Joshua Tree area, bringing a little taste of adventure to the local dining scene. come eat with us at our next event on June 21st, the summer solstice!


hole in the sand evolved from high desert test kitchen (HDTK), a community-driven, wild foods educational project Sarah Witt started in 2016 with High Desert Test Sites. HDTK met every third Monday at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association in north Joshua Tree, and participants came together to share food made with a different edible desert plant each month. The plants ranged from common, easy-to-find shrubs to invasive weeds to more obscure species that required a substantial hunt. Sometimes the room was filled with enthusiastic people showing off colorful dishes, like July’s “prickly pear and nopales” feast; other months, when the ingredient leant itself to sweet interpretations, we’d get a table full of baked goods. It was always an unexpected mish-

mash, and the core group of participants never failed to impress with their dedication to researching and playing with our local flora. After 2 years, 22 dinners, and almost as many unique plant species, Sarah decided to close the project so she could pursue more in-depth research and start expanding hole in the sand. Since January of 2018, hole in the sand has put on over a dozen pop-up dining events with a wide range of formats: small plate and cocktail pairings, whole beast roasts, cooking classes, elegant wild plant-centric sit-down dinners—and she’s continuing to grow her offerings to include outdoor education, backpacking, and survival skills. Check back frequently to get updates about new events!


go for a walk

come learn about the medicinal and edible qualities of some of our local plants on an easy, 3.5 mile hike with Airbnb Experiences, or gear up for a longer trek through the boulder-studded wilderness of Pipes Canyon to get the full desert experience (offered in the fall and spring only.) More information about the 22-mile desert trek will be up on the website soon.



CEO, hole in the sand

Nestled somewhere in a pile of boulders in Pioneertown, California, you’ll find Sarah Witt (who currently identifies as a topographical map enthusiast, amateur bush-wacker-crafter, skater punk wannabe, wild foods forager, and artist who likes to play chef) and her dog Beatrice (who perpetually identifies as the best-est companion around.) She might tell you more later.