hole in the sand

a small kitchen offering private dinners, event catering, and meal delivery service in the high desert.

This one-woman operation is helmed by Sarah Witt, a topographical map enthusiast,  amateur bushwacker, and artist who likes to play chef. Sarah has been cooking at La Copine since their second season, and founded the High Desert Test Kitchen—a monthly potluck dinner featuring wild plants growing in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. She recently collaborated with High Desert Test Sites “Secret Restaurant” artist Bob Dornberger to create Hole Foods: Pit Stop, an edible event that featured a swing set over a live fire and a native plant menu that fed over 200 people during HDTS2017. Her botanical research is ever-evolving and her plant vocabulary is gradually growing, fueled by the desire to bring hyper-local foods into her kitchen and have a relationship with the land. Sarah works to reflect the complexity of this resilient ecosystem in her cuisine by complimenting solid, wholesome ingredients with nuanced and curious flavors from the desert floor.  


experimental living cabins

current menu and online order placement

for guests of the experimental living cabins

Please take a look at the menu linked above, and contact me with any food allergies or dietary restrictions before placing your order so I can help you make more informed decisions. When applicable, items are listed as gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian; not all ingredients are listed, so please make sure to notify me if you have specific concerns.


contact form for private events and meal delivery other than experimenal living cabins