Blue sage: Salvia dorrii, Lamiaceae (mint family)

The genus name, Salvia, is derived from the Latin word salveo, translated as "i am well." Which is how I feel when I smell a sage plant. 

The desert is populated with a number of salvia species, each of them breathing their own unique scent, but easily recognized as sages. Not quite a culinary aroma, these wild herbs are fortified with grounding mint-y, almost astringent notes that quiet the mind—it has a sacred vibe to it, and this species is no exception, despite taking the public's backseat to white sage (Salvia apiana, smudge sticks) or chia (Salvia columbariae, it's a sage too!) Native tribes have a deep respect for sages, and similar to creosote, sage has been employed as a catch-all medicinal for a host of conditions, from the common cold to clearing bad energy.