Wishbone bush: Mirabilis leavis var. villosa, Nyctaginaceae (Four o'clock family)

This sweet low-sprawling bush has gentle, supple looking leaves with rounded edges that impart a kindness to it. The fresh buds found at the trailing stem ends have fresh a saccharine sweet scent that fades into a pleasant grassy smell as you follow the stem inwards towards larger, older growth. The white or pale pink flowers that open into papery bells are actually not made of petals; rather, they're fused sepals (generally green supports surrounding petals) that directly encase the reproductive organs. 

The species name, M. laevis, means smooth or free from hairs, which is really strange, since the entire plant is covered in visible hairs that give it a fuzzy warm vibe. But I believe this to be the subspecies villosa, which means hairy, so I guess it all works out.