Cooper's dogweed: Adenophyllum cooperi, Asteraceae (sunflower family)

I love this gap-toothed sunny smile. Every time I look down at a bush of these, I imagine they're blinking back at me in slow motion and that I'm a cartoon character tripping on acid in marioland. As a cousin to the fetid marigold, and perhaps to the putrid/sacred smelling plant I posted a while back, this brightly petaled little stinker will catch your eye and clear your nasal passages. The aroma is borderline floral, almost with a caraway undertone, accented by a hint of decay. The aromatic glands are visible on the bracts, which, if crushed, will remind you why this plant's other accepted scientific name is Dyssodia, a Greek derivation meaning "disagreeable odor." Still, I waft poetic.