This service is currently not being offered, but feel free to take a look at the previous season's menu.



FALL 2017/WINTER 2018


All of the dishes offered below are designed to be stored and prepared using the minimal infrastructure of the Experimental Living Cabin, and reflect the elegant simplicity of Andrea Zittel’s food philosophy—that the only vessel you need is a bowl. Each meal consists of two parts that can be cooked or reheated on the two-burner propane stove in the cabin, and then eaten together or separately. The main bowl items, listed first under each heading, are delivered frozen in 16oz glass jars, separate from the accompanying grain, so any of the dishes not listed as GF can be made gluten free by omitting the “+” item.  To do this, select the GF "yes" option from the drop down menu when you add the item to your cart. All food items include cooking or assembly instructions. Your order will be delivered to AZ West where you will pick up the ice chest before heading out to Wonder Valley.

Please list all allergies or dietary concerns in comment box on checkout page; even if your trigger food is not listed, let us know if you have a serious allergy so we can double check that your selections are safe for you to eat. If you have questions about unlisted ingredients (e.g. onions, butter, sugar, seeds, etc), contact Sarah directly before you place your order so she can assist you in making decisions that suit your needs: 

In order to assure your selections can be delivered on requested date, please place your order well in advance of your stay. There is a fifty dollar minimum on all orders. If you need to place an order and it's within one week of your arrival date or under the minimum charge, contact Sarah before checking out in the online store.